The Way Of The Master

A recent study show that only 2% of Christians share their Faith.

A Teaching on Evangelism that will challenge you to:

"Seek & Save the Lost - The Way Jesus Did."              Luke 19:10

Jesus said: "He who believes in Him is Not condemned ; but he who does Not believe Is condemned already... John 3:18

$10 for Study Guide & Tracts

Basic Training Course - Dates TBA

  • Introduction
  • Cultivating Compassion for the Lost
  • Discovering Hell's Best Kept Secret
  • Learning to OvercomeFear
  • Practicing What You Preach
  • Craftingb The Mesage
  • Answering the Top Ten Questions
  • Exposing The Myth of the Modern Message
  • Spreading your Wings
  • Fishing Trip

Free Video or Audio of "Hell's Best Kept Secret, at end of class

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